Note self-destructs
Enter a custom password to encrypt the note
E-mail to notify when note is destroyed

? Your note will be deleted once being read.

With Privtext you can send notes that will self-destruct after being read.

  1. Write the note below, encrypt it and get a link.
  2. Send the link to whom you want to read the note.
  3. The note will self-destruct after being read by the recipient.

By clicking the options button, you can specify a manual password to encrypt the note, set an expiration date and be notified when the note is destroyed.

To know more about how Privtext works, check out the about page.




We do not have an access to your data, since a encryption key stored on the Client’s side, while server delivers the encrypted data only. The software generates a key, encrypt your data and return you the secured URL. We would like to offer you the usage of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption.

Data life

You could manually set the data life for your Note.
Max data life is 1 year, then it will be deleted automatically.

Fast & Useful

You can use the service within Python, Binary Clients, without any limits concerning amount of links to be generated.


Link like QR code